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Kaguya Makoto


Makoto Kaguya is a Chuunin who was born into the Kaguya clan. It is told that his mother, father, and all relatives have been killed. He currently depends on his sensei, Seiei.

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Tenbatsu Michi


Tenbatsu Michi is a Chunin within Kirigakure.

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Nara Takeru


Though humble, Takeru is extremely driven. Following the death of his parents, he was taken in and trained by members of Kirigakures ANBU squad. Though he has not yet been accepted, his dream is to one day Lead ANBU.

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Uchiha Retsugi


Retsugi's parents died a long time ago, leaving him to mostly fend for himself, with the help and kindness from his clan, he has survived and successfully became a chunin only recently.

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Uchiha Tora


Tora began to train as a shinobi at the age of 4, this was instigated by his father who wanted Tora to be a strong representative of the Uchiha clan.

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Uchiha Teyrumi


Teyrumi is very arrogant and hates anyone who looks down on her. She easily deceives people with her innocent look.

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Hyuuga Kaede


Kaede is a very very antisocial person. She doesn't like people, in general, so she prefers to ignore them. In fact, her only interactions with people have to be something directly related to her mission or, again, she'll simply ignore them.

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Sengoku Masanari

Oboro Maskless

Masanari is a coolheaded and friendly person, though he is slightly competitive when it comes to training or games.

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Uzumaki Subaru


Subaru is serious about his missions, but very anti-social when it comes to normal relationships. He was raised by his foster father with the mind of a warrior..

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Ikaryu Chinji


Chinji is an happy go lucky guy. He enjoys life as it comes.

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