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Appearance Edit

Hitomi's appearance changes regularly depending on her mood. When she is in the hospital is the only time she will let you see her real face. As a child, she was a beautiful little girl, happy and outgoing. When she became sick, her bright blue hair turned white, her skin became very pale but her eyes stayed an intense shade of red. She prefers to dress in bright reds and blues and can always be seen wearing sandles. She makes use of the clone technique and the transformation technique regularly to venture out into the world. She often disguises herself as a beautiful teenaged girl with bright blue hair and red eyes. Most villagers outside the hospital, believe she is a healthy, beautiful, 17 year old shinobi. For the most part, only villagers with eye techniques can tell she is no more than a sickly 12 year old girl.

Personality Edit

How does your character act? Should include likes, dislikes. You may also post your loathes, weakness, strengths, good qualities, bad qualities, loves, fears, and temperament.

History Edit

As a child, Hitomi was a prodigy. Her skills in ninjutsu and genjutsu were unrivaled in her generation and she had the speed to keep up with even the best Taijutsu users. Heading into the Chunin exams, she was the preferred candidate. However, in the final round disaster struck. Hitomi was paired against a skilled byakugan user from another village. During the fight, many of her chakra flows were cut off and she became too weak to continue. Hitomi was hospitalized and entered a near coma. A medical nin, Kogomei, also a skilled byakugan user was called in to help repair her chakra flows. Unable to repair all of them, and quickly running out of time, Kogomei poured as much of her chakra into the dying girl as she could. In doing so she opened up all 361 tenketsu(chakra points) and expanded them past what they should ever have been able to produce on their own. What happened next surprised all of the hospital staff. Hitomi opened her eyes and sat up. Her hair had turned white but her eyes burned a deep firey red with the excess chakra that burned in her system. She spent months in the hospital with medical nin trying to balance out her delicate chakra pathways. In the end she was left with more chakra than she could ever draw upon before, however it had also taken it's toll. Hitomi was left with almost no strength. Her skills in taijutsu were rendered useless. During the year that followed, Hitomi spent most of her time in the hospital getting regular adjustments to her chakra. She was taught the art of puppetry by her squad leader, a jounin by the name of___________. She quickly mastered the art and is currently able to use 6 chackra strings to control her puppet, Konan.

Parents: N/A

Martial Status: N/A

Misc Edit

Favourite Hobbies: writing music, playing her flute, puppetry and socializing, Favourite Saying: Dance puppet, dance! Skills and Abilities: Precise aim, Hiding in Shadows, Shadow Manipulation

Primary Weapon: Puppet named Konan made from wood and steel. Her puppet can serve as armour by encasing her within it.(main weapon - poisoned needles, secondary weapon - Kunai) Secondary Weapons: Flute, Explosive tags, Poison needles Non-Weapon Items: Multiple poisons, Antidotes Non-Combat Skills: Puppetry, Music, Showmanship, Medical knowledge, Poison knowledge, Medical herbs

Jutsu List Edit

Ninjutsu: Henge, Bunshin, Body Replacement, Puppet Technique(C) Vibrating Sound Drill(C)

Genjutsu: Experienced in Genjutsu Release

Taijutsu: No Proficiency whatsoever

Missions CompletedEdit

D-Rank: 0

C-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

S-Rank: 0

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