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She has very long, thick, black hair that goes down to about her waist, with an equally thick fringe that covers her forehead. She tends to hate restraining outfits so most of the clothes she wears end up being very tight from the breasts down to the top of her thighs (kind of like a black swimsuit), which then leaves her arms and legs completely bare to allow her the freedom of movement. She then wears a dark brown jacket-like thing on top, held in place by a strap around her neck, strings across her lower torso and a belt around her waist. Joined to this belt are the pouches in which she carries all her weapons and supplies. She hates feeling weighted down by anything, so those pouches are the only thing she ever carries around with her. She also normally wears gloves (hates getting her hands dirty) and leather, ankle-high boots (hates getting her feet dirty too xD) both dark brown. She obviously has the trademark Hyuuga eyes.


Kaede is a very very antisocial person. She doesn't like people, in general, so she prefers to ignore them. In fact, her only interactions with people have to be something directly related to her mission or, again, she'll simply ignore them. However, she is very close to a few select people, whom she admires and almost reveres. Most people seem to find her a very stoic, unapproachable person with a constantly arrogant attitude. The few people that have even managed to bring themselves to attempt to talk to her find her an almost unbearable person. It is true that she is incredibly sadistic. She has very specific ideals in her mind regarding things like revenge, though she tries desperately hard to always be a logical and rational person... not that it always works and the fact that she tends to act on impulse undermines that a lot. She is quite selfish, the exact opposite of a philanthropist. She looks out for herself and then her own, long before she even considers anyone else - 'each to his own' is a saying she almost lives her life by. The only real redeeming qualities about her are her absolute loyalty and blunt honesty; though many people find her honesty cruel and few people can ever gain her loyalty.


What is very surprising about Kaede is that she had a happy childhood. She had two siblings; both brothers, one younger than her by 2 years and the other younger than her by 5. Though she was never really close to either of them - she always seemed to think them too childish - she would always play with them for a few hours whenever she found time to (which was quite rarely since she likes to keep busy). Her parents were both very calm people who never got angry or shouted so her home life was always quiet. This upbringing has made her grow to hate noise. As a child, in the academy, she was one of the more intelligent ones. She always preferred the taijutsu tasks they were given to ninjutsu or genjutsy because she used to get more satisfaction out of them. That said, she did pass her academy exam fairly easy; she was always attentive in lessons and seemed to try her best.
However, she never really got along with any of the other members of the Hyuuga clan, or any other clan. There was one incident when she was about 7 where she heard an Uchiha kid insult the Hyuuga and her automatic rection was to attack him, which of course completely backfired against her. Since then, she tries to keep herself separate from all the political problems that arise between all the clans.
After her parents died (her dad was killed on a mission and her mum died a few months later of natural causes), her and her brothers seemed to grow further apart. All of them seemed determined to become more independent. They were convinced their parents would never want them to linger on their deaths and to just move on. So that's exactly what they did.

Parents: Dead

Martial Status: None


She is very good at cooking and can make a large variety of things; ranging from deserts like cakes to roast chicken. Other than that, she's the kind of person who refuses to do anything unless it's completely required of her. So she spends most of her days lazing about, doing nothing remotely constructive. Everything else she does (training, eating, sleeping, working), she does out of pure necessity. The only time she is ever really enjoying herself is when she knows she has enough control over her life that she could literally lie in bed all day doing absolutely nothing and no one would have the right to stop her.

Jutsu ListEdit

Gentle Fist - D-Rank

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) - D

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) - D

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) - D

Missions CompletedEdit

D-Rank: 0

C-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

S-Rank: 0