Here you can find a list of missions. If you wish to request a mission please follow the missions template found here.

Missions listed in red; means all villages may do the mission once.

Missions listed in blue; means the first character to accept the mission gets it.

Missions listed in orange; means these are missions assigned to a certain village. It will state what village.

Missions listed in green; means it is a mission to do with a characters plot.

Note: These mission cannot include a reward. They are used for depth, and storyline progression.

Missions listed in purple; means they are permanent missions.

Missions listed in yellow; means it is a mission according to the RP's plot.

D - Rank Missions Edit

[Material Gathering]

Requester: Blacksmith Kite

Rank: D

'Description: Blacksmith Kite of Sunagakure is in need of certain minerals in order to make weapons. Kite does not have the time to go out and gather all these minerals himself. He is requesting someone to gather the following; Composite Steel, Quartz, and Talt. He will make weapons secretly if other villages supply him with these minerals as well.

Shinobi Needed: 1

Requirements: Genin

Reward: 70,000

[Bank Robbery]

Requester: A frenzied banker

Rank: D

Description: Oh no! A large bank from the "Shinobi Super Savings" franchise has been robbed and completely emptied out! This morning, thousands of hard-working Shinobi found their tediously managed accounts with a balance of zero. Witnesses of the robbery have described the culprit as a thin and frail civilian, who was armed with only a knife. What a crisis! Representatives from the corporation have been dispatched to the five major shinobi hidden villages to request help from ninja who may be more efficient than the civilian police force in the speedy recovery of this money. Employ tracking skills to find the trail of the culprit, bring him to justice, and recover the money. Be warned: the culprit may have covered his tracks well and hidden the money elsewhere, so this mission will take an especially long time to do.

Shinobi Needed: 2

Requirements: Genin with at least 1 D rank mission completed

Reward: 75,000 Ryo and a 20% off D-rank jutsu coupon at the Ninja Shop!

C - Rank Missions Edit

[Summoning Contract]

Requester: Village Kage

Rank: C

Description: Your Kage believes it is time for you to go out, and obtain a summon contract. During this time you must prove yourself worthy.

Shinobi Needed: 1

Requirements: Genin+

Reward: Summoning Contract (Animal - Normal Size), 70,000

B - Rank Missions Edit

[Bandit Hunting]

Requester: Village Kage

Rank: B

Description: Recently, bandits have been a nuisance to residents and travelers from the north. Word is that they are actually working under a single person who is rumored to be a shinobi. We recently received information that their strongold is located in some mountains to the north of the village. It is your job to find out if the rumors are true, and if they are, to capture and uncover the identity of said ninja.

Shinobi Needed: 2+

Requirements: Chuunin or above.

Reward: 190,000 Ryo

[Child Escort] - Taken

Requester: Takumi Village Blacksmith

Rank: B

Shinobi needed: 2+

Requirements: Chunin and above

Description: While delivering a shipment of weapons, Hikaru, son of the Takumi village blacksmith became separated from his escort, who mysteriously disspeared one night at the Inn. The blacksmith recived a ransom letter for the safe return of Hikaru and his escort, and worries that his son will be next to be abducted. He has asked the Kage to send shinobi to escort Hikaru safely back to Takumi. Hikaru's escort was a trained shinobi and quite proficient in his abilities, leading him to believe that this will be a tough mission.

Reward: 20% off coupon for weapons, $140,000 ryo

A - Rank Missions Edit

S - Rank Missions Edit