Sengoku Masanari
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Appearance Edit

Spiky, dark-brown hair with black eyes. Masanari’s usual attire includes a waterproof, hooded black jacket on top of a grey shirt with black pants and boots. His forehead protector is worn as a belt. When necessary, he may wear a special air-mask given to him by Amegakure’s ANBU, which covers his entire face. This mask is designed to let him to breathe underwater and in harsh or toxic air conditions. It also includes mechanisms that allow him to utilize techniques that involve expelling an element from the mouth as well as sound techniques that would otherwise require special implants (though he has not yet learned any).

Personality Edit

Masanari is a coolheaded and friendly person, though he is slightly competitive when it comes to training or games. However, when on a mission, he becomes very serious and will not hesitate if ordered to kill those closest to him. Despite claiming loyalty to Konoha, Masanari is actually a sleeper agent from Amegakure.

Masanari’s main fault lies in his skill (or lack thereof) with Genjutsu. Instead, he prefers to battle in close range with Taijutsu while relying on various Ninjutsu techniques for support.

Likes: Training, Swimming, Pleasing his Superiors, Succeeding

Dislikes: Disobedient Subordinates, Unskilled allies, Failure

History Edit

Masanari was born into a family of debt ridden laborers in Amegakure. When he was 4, his family’s debts became so great that they eventually agreed to sell him as a servant to Amegakure’s shinobi forces. Soon afterwards, he was enrolled into the shinobi academy where he was forced to endure harsh combat and survival training for several years.

During his time in the academy, Masanari’s abilities attracted the attention of the village’s ANBU which saw promise in his future as a shinobi. At the age of 10, Masanari aced his final academy exam but was not given the rank of Genin; being directly admitted into a special division of ANBU instead.

The ANBU’s reason for admitting such an inexperienced member was soon made clear. Masanari was told that his mission was to infiltrate Konoha’s shinobi academy, where he would continue to rise in rank until he eventually became a hunternin, and then await further orders. Masanari, having sworn absolute loyalty to the group, did not complain and immediately set off.

One week later, Masanari successfully infiltrated Konoha by pretending to be an orphan from a rural village. Soon after, he was accepted into village’s academy where he spent the next four years pretending to learn techniques he had already mastered so as to not arouse suspicion. Finally, at the age of 14, Masanari graduated from Konoha’s academy and became a genin. Planning to reach the rank of Chuunin as quickly as possible, Masanari now plans to join a genin squad so that he can advance his training under its Jounin master.

Parents: n/a

Martial Status: Single

Misc Edit

Primary Weapon: Kunai (x10)

Secondary Weapons: Shuriken, Exploding Tags (x10), Smokebombs (x10)

Non-Weapon Items: Air-mask, Canteen, Basic Survival Gear and Warfare Supplies

Non Combat Skills: Survival Training, Stealth Training, Excellent Swimmer, Skilled Marksman

Summoning Contract: n/a

Jutsu List Edit

D Rank: Tsuga (Piercing Fang)

D Rank: Kawarimi no Jutsu(Body Replacement Technique)

D Rank: Henge no Jutsu(Transformation Technique)

D Rank: Bunshin no Jutsu(Clone Technique)

Eight Gates:

Kaimon (Gate of Opening)

Kyumon (Gate of Healing)

Missions CompletedEdit

D-Rank: 1

C-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

S-Rank: 0

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