Naruto: 1,000 Seals(N1KS) is a play by post role playing game set in the Naruto universe. This RP will be taking place roughly present day. N1KS will be played as an alternate universe RP, meaning that although the Naruto world will be in use, none of the characters or events of the Naruto series have ever and will never take place, except for Senju Hashirama & Uchiha Madara's era before the founding of the village system. Aside from that, this will be a completely original storyline with entirely original characters.

The clans of the Ninja world are in a constant struggle to survive. Following the war, all villages had a breakdown in alliances, making every country fend for it's self. Some countries have turned inward are are focused on rebuilding. Some countries are power hungry, and want to control all of the five nations, dominating the ninja world. It is told that some shinobi are pushing for war, seeking to destroy the fragile bonds that hold the countries together. Eventually, if this path continues, a war over power is bound to happen..