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5 foot 9


175 pounds

Signature Jutsu

Shadow Techniques

Battle Data

Ninjutsu Proficiency

4 +1

Taijutsu Proficiency


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2 +2






0 Ryo


Though humble, Takeru is extremely driven. Following the death of his parents, he was taken in and trained by members of Kirigakures ANBU squad. Though he has not yet been accepted, his dream is to one day Lead ANBU.

Appearance Edit

Takeru wears black ninja outfit with ninja sandles. His outfit has seals down the right leg and on his back. On his left shoulder, the symbol of the Nara Clan is clearly visible. He has a black spiked knee protector and steel spiked wrist/handguards. He keeps his face covered below the eyes with a mask. His polished forehead protector shines from under his hood, covering his black hair. His eyes are a bright blue. Chains encircle his body hiding his favorite weapons, twin kusarigamas, resembling sickles.

Personality Edit

Although humble, Takeru is driven to be the best at everything he does. He keeps a strict training regimen everyday, working himself to exhaustion. He normally trains by himself but he will often seeks out worthy opponents from Kirigakure's elite. His Life's dream is to lead Anbu, knowing that they are the true power behind the scenes. He is quiet, calculating and observant, with a keen sense of battle stategy. He loves training and hates being bedridden when injured. He has been known to sneak away from the medical nin to go to the local baths/ sushi hut. On the field of battle, he is fiercely protective of his fellow teamates. He has often been referred to as Akuma no kage no.(Demon of the Shadows) Off the field of battle, he is actually quite sociable and is known to be something of a ladies man. When it comes to women, he tends to ignore the cutesy girls in favor of those that will play hard to get.

History Edit

Takeru's mother, Kameko Nara was originally from Kohona but fell in love with , Michio, a member of Kirigakure's elite Jounin, and head of Anbu. At that time, Kirigakure was a violent and bloody place. Michio married Kameko, who in turn left Kohona to move to Kirigakure. Although she was an outsider, Michio's affiliation with Anbu kept her safe. Takeru's parents lived happily for some time, although the other villagers remained distrustful of Kameko. After a while Kameko became pregnant with her first child. Shortly after giving birth, Takeru's father died. Kameko, who was still very close to Kohona's Nara clan, was asked to leave the village. Kameko refused but the village elders were quite insistant, claiming her to be a risk to the security of the village. She was reluctant to leave, afterall, this was the place she had built her home, her family and started a new life. Kameko turned to the only help she could find, her husband's former friends within the Anbu. She forged a fake mission, and had Takeru hidden in a small outlying village, fearing for his safety. When Takeru returned to the village, his mother was missing. He was never told what had happened to her. Members of Anbu, former friends of his father, took Takeru under thier wing and began training him. He learned quickly and became quite proficient in information gathering, tracking and capture techniques. Takeru has kept up the strict training regimen that Anbu had taught him, leading him to become a chunin at a young age.

Parents: Kameko Nara/Michio Arashi

Martial Status: Single but actively dating

Misc Edit

Favourite Hobbies: hunting, training, socializing

Favourite Saying: Not if i see you first...

Skills and Abilities: Precise aim, Hiding in Shadows, Shadow Manipulation

Primary Weapon: twin kusarigamas, named Nanami and Nariko. Left to him by his late father, the two blades have been passed down for generations and are said to have been made by a great blacksmith.

Secondary Weapons: none.

Non-Weapon Items:

Non-Combat Skills: Hunting, tracking, fishing

Jutsu List Edit



Body Replacement

Mist body flicker Technique(D)

Shadow bind Technique(D)

Temporary Paralysis Technique(D)

Shadow neck bind(C)

Missions CompletedEdit

D-Rank: 0

C-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

S-Rank: 0