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Appearance Edit

Although usually cloaked and hidden from attention, this warrior looks quite formiddable once unveiled. Standing 6" with brown, short spiky hair and plain brown eyes, it is evident he is of western descent. However, black and gray Japanese "Yakuza-style" tattoos cover the right side of his body, the other side completely untouched. Fights wearing only black Karate style pants and his 3 seperate belts all intertwined to create a waist belt of sort - each obtained by mastering different martial arts. Also weilds a katana, although it has never been reported of him unsheathing it. Approach with caution.

Personality Edit

A man of few words, believing actions to be more memorable and efficient. Keeps to himself if it can be helped, even if on a team mission, although he values and cares for his friends but he does not show it. Although he may come across as staunch, he is actually quite soft-hearted and would willingly put his life on the line to help out somebody helpless. Believes in no god, only in himself and in no law, only in his own presumtion of what is right and what is wrong. Hates being made the centre of attention although he quite enjoys wandering by himself and lying deep in thought. Although usually kept in check, this man has a tainted side that no one wants to see, to entice him into a rage can be considered suicidal.

History Edit

Here should include your characters history. Try to make it a bit long. You may also include your parents, and martial status.

Parents: N/A

Martial Status: N/A

Misc Edit

Here can include information about your character that is not included in the above. You may also include your talents here.

Jutsu List Edit

Starting cap. Please follow. This is aside from the starting 3.

Genin - 1 D.

Chuunin: 2D, 1C (can trade 2D for another C)

Missions CompletedEdit

D-Rank: 0

C-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

S-Rank: 0

Past Mission points: These are points you are given to help fill in your "Missions Completed" to show what your character may have done before the RP took place.

These are purely optional (for example a brand new genin wouldn't make sense having done missions already)

Genin: Start with 20 points to spend.

Chuunin: Start with 35 points to spend.

How to distribute:

D-Rank's are worth 1 point each

C-Rank's are worth 2 points each per 1 mission

B-Ranks are worth 5 points each per 1 mission

Past Missions VS RP Missions:

Basically when you do an RP mission the number will be counted like so

Example, lets say you had 11 D-ranks and did 1 during the RP, it would be:

D-Rank: 12 (1)

The number in bracketts being, how many missions you have done in the RP of that rank.

(Delete this explanation when copying the template for your profile)

You may click edit if you are still confused.

Stat rules can be located in the 'rules' section