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Tenbatsu Michi (天罰道, lit. "Path of Divine Punishment") is a Chunin within Kirigakure, who does not belong to any clan.


Michi has waist length deep red hair and striking eyes of different colours, one blue and the other green. A pointed chin, small nose and pale skin make up the rest of her face. Perhaps unusual for a ninja, Michi wears a lightly coloured outfit of blue and red which was made by her father mere days before his death. She also wears her mother's favourite earrings, perhaps out of superstition, due to the luck they bring. Her ninja headband is usually worn around her waist, with the plate hugging her right hip.

Personality Edit

A calm and quiet person, Michi maintains a level of honour and integrity both in and outside of battle. Respectful and polite to her opponents, Michi is a firm believer in fair fights and is neither boastful nor arrogant about her strength. Even so, she rarely ever loses her cool and frequently engages in small talk and light jokes with her opponents. This is because she believes fighting for your people is an honour, even though she personally dislikes fighting and believes that there are no "good guys" in battles because, as soon as you first taste the blood of an opponent, you become a monster. There is, however, one thing Michi is boastful about - the "purity" of her blood. In a world where the blood of your clan grants you special power and leverage, Michi prides herself on that she has no need for (as she calls them) "training wheels". Even though she is relatively sociable outside of missions, due to her belief that your path defines who you are and so you should never follow another's footsteps, Michi usually works and trains alone. But she does not speak of her father to anyone any more, not even her mother.

History Edit

Michi grew up in a small family with no ties to a clan. Due to this, the family was exceptionally close. Michi's grandparents lived with them, providing great tales of ancient battles past and friendships forged while their son-in-law was out on missions. Michi's mother rarely left the house, being a frail woman who failed to even graduate from the Ninja Academy. Over the years Michi gained a respect and understanding far beyond her age and, even after graduating from the Ninja Academy at only 8, she refused to move out from home so she could continue to eat her mother's cooking and hear her grandfather's stories. Michi was exceptionally lucky as a Genin, even having her father as her team's Jonin leader, and she spent the following four years going on missions that were more adventures than work. Even so, she maintained a very professional attitude and quickly became one of Kirigakure's finest in her rank.

Shortly after her 12th birthday, Michi entered the Chunin Exams. When the third stage began, Michi quickly defeated the majority of her opponents and gained herself a reputation as the tournament progressed due to her impressive skill with the Body Flicker Technique. Soon, rather than betting on whether Michi would win, people were betting on how quickly Michi would defeat her opponents. Upon being promoted to Chunin, nobody was more proud of Michi than her father. Using what leeway he had with the Mizukage, Michi's father arranged for her first mission to be a simple escort mission that her father was to lead. It would take them to a small village on the very outskirts of the land protected by the Hidden Mist Village, along a relatively calm and danger-free area. The morning before the mission, Michi's father gave her a brand new outfit to wear on the way.

A few hours later, and the mission quickly turned into a disaster. A group of ninja attacked the caravan, surprising everyone. By their skill, they were clearly once Jonin and from their scratched out headbands, Michi worked out they were deserters from Kirigakure. Ordered by her father to protect the caravan with her life, she could only watch as her father fought the men he once served beside. He had quickly dispatched a wolf summon back down the path behind them, having passed an ANBU patrol only a mile back, then done what he could to draw the fight away from the caravan. When the ANBU patrol finally arrived, it was too late. Michi's father had killed their attackers but paid with his life for it.

Trivia Edit

  • Michi's favourite hobby is watching the rain fall, listening to her grandfather tell stories or staring at stars in the night sky.
  • Michi's favourite food is her mother's home cooking.
  • Michi's favourite phrase is "Kuchihateru sono hi made wa utsumukanai to..." (朽ち果てるそのひまでわうつむかないと・・・, lit. "Until the day I fall, I will not lose my will...")
  • Michi's personal motto is "The path you take defines you, so never follow in someone else's steps."
  • Michi has completed the following number of missions:
    • 0 S-rank
    • 0 A-rank
    • 2 B-rank
    • 11 C-rank
    • 3 D-rank
  • Her theme song is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", by Green Day

Jutsu List Edit

  • Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm [C Rank]
  • Body Flicker Technique [D Rank]
  • Manipulated Shuriken Technique [D Rank]